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Liverpool Matchmaking Mission: How can your business embrace Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality?

Event Summary

With small and medium-sized enterprises across all industries competing to be more efficient or innovative to remain in the game, all eyes are on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality and Augmented Reality that will enable them to achieve this.

These technologies can be mind-boggling. Therefore Enterprise Europe Network would like to invite European SMEs to this unique event to:

  • Learn more about the latest AI, VR and AR technologies from industry leaders
  • Discover what solutions are available for their sector
  • Meet on a 1-2-1 basis with like-minded companies looking to develop or incorporate these technologies and develop new solutions
Date: 27th June 2018
Time: 9:00am - 11:00am
Venue: Exhibition Centre Liverpool, UK
This is a free event organised by the Enterprise Europe Network and funding is available to cover flights and accommodation up to the value of £250*. Please contact Aoife at aoifengo@dublinchamber.ie if interested.

This event is aimed at developers of AI, VR and AR solutions and SMEs across a variety of sectors:

  • Wholesale & Retail
  • Travel
  • Arts, Entertainment & Games
  • Manufacturing
  • Information & communication
  • Professional services
  • Healthcare