Export Services

Dublin Chamber offer exporters a fully licensed certification service for ATA Carnets and Certificates of Origin. We acquire visas for business, tourist or transit travellers and provide information on export regulations and customs requirements as well as the legalisation of export documentation by the Department of Foreign Affairs, notary publics and embassies based in Ireland and the UK. 

Getting goods shipped abroad or even organising a business trip can be a very trying process.  Paperwork, form filling and more paperwork are all part of the process of international trade.  Our fast, efficient service relieves the headaches you experience as an exporter or business traveller. 

We make getting goods shipped abroad easy by offering:

  • A fully licensed certification service for  ATA Carnets and Certificates of Origin.
  • Visas for business, tourist or transit travel
  • Legalisation of export documents
  • Information on export regulations and customs requirements.
  • EC and Arab Irish Certificates of origin issued and certified
  • Certification of other commercial documents e.g. Commercial invoices, packing lists etc
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