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I have forgotten my log in details

You can reset your user name and password here.

I have forgotten my password

You can reset your password here.

I want to update my details in the membership directory

Please log into your online account to update your details in the membership directory. Please contact membership@dublinchamber.ie if you continue to have problems.


How can Dublin Chamber help my business?

Membership of Dublin Chamber gives you access to Dublin’s largest business network and a range of business supports. Membership allows you to access new clients and have your say on the issues that affect business in Dublin.

Membership also allows you to promote your business through our newsletter, magazine and social media channels to awareness of your brand. take part in our webinars and training programmes to upskill yourself and your team.

Establish contacts in new markets for your products and services with our specialist advisors. More infomation

I am interested in membership of Dublin Chamber. Where can I find out more information?

We’d love to welcome you to our business community. You can read more about membership here and join online today.

How much is membership of Dublin Chamber?

Membership is based on your company size. You can view the membership that is right for you here.

How can I join Dublin Chamber?

You can join Dublin Chamber here or contact membership@dublinchamber.ie for further information


I am having problems booking an event

Please log into your online account to book the event. Please contact events@dublinchamber.ie if you continue to have problems.

My company are members of Dublin Chamber and I would like to be added to your database to receive event invitations

Please register here to receive invitations to our events


What issues does Dublin Chamber lobby on?

You can read our priorities for business here

I am a member and have a business issue I would like Dublin Chamber to help me with

Please contact publicaffairs@dublinchamber.ie


I have a media query. Who should I contact?

Please contact publicaffairs@dublinchamber.ie.


What is Dublin Chamber?

Founded in 1783, Dublin Chamber is the largest and most influential B2B networking organisation in Dublin. We represent more than 1,000 businesses throughout the Greater Dublin region, which between them employ more than 300,000 staff. More information

Promote my business to your members

How can I promote my business to your members?

Dublin Chamber can promote your business by sharing your company news and achievements via our suite of profiling opportunities.


Where are your offices?

Dublin Chamber is located at 7 Clare Street Dublin 2. You can view the map here.

How do I contact a team member?

You can contact Dublin Chamber on 003531 6447228 or email us info@dublinchamber.ie.

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