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Founded in 1783 Dublin Chamber continues to deliver positive change for Dublin. Dublin Chamber is the largest and most influential B2B networking organisation in the city representing more than 1,000 businesses.

The History of Dublin Chamber

Dublin Chamber can trace it’s origins to the Ouzel Galley, an Irish merchant ship that set sail from Dublin in the late seventeenth century. The ship was thought to be lost at sea when it failed to return to Dublin Port. Five years after it set sail the ship mysteriously reappeared with a full crew and avaluable cargo.

A panel of merchants was formed to arbitrate the ownership of the cargo as the insurance had been paid out. The panel was called the Ouzel Galley Society which later became the Dublin Chamber of Commerce which continues to deliver positive change for Dublin and its businesses.

Ouzel Galley Society

The Ouzel Galley Society was reformed in 1988 and today, the members of the society are former Dublin Chamber presidents and others who are deemed to have "made a significant contribution to the economy of the capital.

Past Presidents

Therer have been 136 Presidents of including Arthur Guinness (1827) and Mary Finan (1996) the  first female President. For a full list of all Past Presidents please click the button below.

President Year   President Year
H.C.Tierney 1980   Peter Webster 2002
H.Hannon 1981   Clive Brownlee 2003
D.L.Lennon 1982   David Pierce 2004
Niall Crowley 1983   Áine Maria Mizzoni 2005
Desmond Miller 1984   Eugene McCague 2006
John A.Vaughan 1985   Ronan King 2007
Roy Donovan 1986   Margaret Sweeney 2008
Denis Shelly 1987   P.J.Timmins 2009
T.P.Hardiman 1988   Peter Brennan 2010
Tony Prendergast 1989   Imelda Reynolds 2011
Vincent O'Doherty 1990   Patrick Coveney 2012
Dr Patrick Loughrey 1991   Liam Kavanagh 2013
Brian Duncan 1992   Martin Murphy 2014
George McCullagh 1993   Greg Clarke 2015
John F.Daly 1994   Derry Gray 2016
John Donnelly 1995   Brendan Foster 2017
Mary Finan 1996   Anne O’Leary 2018
John McNally 1997   Niall Gibbons 2019
Jim Ruane 1998   Catherine Moroney 2020 - 2021
Hugh Governey 1999   Vincent Harrison  2022
David Manley 2000   Stephen O’Leary  2023
Alfie Kane 2001   Siobhan O’Shea 2024



Dublin Chamber Past Presidents


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