Dublin Chamber’s experienced staff organise the legalisation of documents for international trade, legal or commercial requirements and inter-country adoptions.

What locations do Dublin Chamber's legislation service cover? 

Our couriers go on a daily basis to the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Supreme Court, the Joint Arab Irish Chamber of Commerce and any necessary Embassy in Dublin as well as to London based Embassies and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office to ensure that your documents have all the necessary stamps and seals for full compliance to international regulations.

What are the requirements for each country? 

We offer advice on the requirements for each country. Our fast and efficient service ensures prompt processing of your vital documents.

What Export Documentation do i need?

Exporting overseas requires the production of various types of export documentation. We process many types of shipping documentation which include:

What legal documents are required for export?

We also process typical legal documents that are required for exporting including:

  • Power of Attorney - Written authorization to represent or act on another's behalf.
  • Agency Agreement - An agreement between a business and an agent appointed to promote its interests.
  • Distribution Agreements - A legal agreement between a supplier of goods and a distributor of goods.

Can Dublin Chamber Process Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Documents? 

Yes, documents can be certified, notarised, authenticated and legalised as needed. We process many kinds of healthcare, pharmaceutical and regulatory affairs documentation.

Typical documents include:

  • Health Products Regulatory Authority Certificates of Free Sale
  • Health Products Regulatory Authority Certificates of GMP Compliance
  • Department of Agriculture Health Certificates
  • Analysis and price Certificates
  • BIS Certificates of Free Sale

Please note that Dublin Chamber handling charges and courier charges for legalisations are subject to VAT at 23%

Understanding how to apply European and National legislations can be difficult. If you have a question on EU law, the Enterprise Europe Network at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce can strip out the jargon and offer you a direct interpretation for the specific needs of your business. For further information on this service please contact or visit

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