Certificate of Origins

Dublin Chamber offer a fully licensed certification service for Certificates of Origin.

What is a Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin is a document proving that goods in a particular export shipment are produced or manufactured in a particular country origin to satisfy customs or trade requirements.

How can I avail of Export documentation services?

  • Complete an indemnity form
  • Submit the indemnity form with sample signatures of the authorised signatories in your company.
  • Non-member companies will also have to supply a copy of their Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Registration of their Business Name or a banker’s reference.

Can Dublin Chamber can stamp documents?

  • Yes, we can stamp documents once they are submitted and signed by one of the authorised signatories we have on file. 
  • We can also stamp documents that are issued by a government department or agency and show the company name and address of a company registered with Dublin Chamber.

What are non-preferential certificates of origin?

A non-preferential certificate of origin is the form of certificate issued for the purpose of complying with non-preferential rules of origin. This type of certificate basically certifies the country of origin of the product without allowing it to be entitled to preferential tariffs under preferential trade regimes.

Does Dublin Chamber issue and certify non-preferential certificates of origin?

Yes, but preferential certificates of origin (i.e. EUR1 and ATR forms) are issued by, and can only be stamped by, Customs.

Non-preferential certificates of origin issued by Dublin Chamber are:


An EU Certificate of Origin is an important international trade document attesting that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.

What are Arab Irish Certificates? 

Arab Irish certificates are for use when goods are being shipped to any of the 19 Arab League countries (Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen).

Can EU certificates be used for all other destinations?

Yes, EU Certificates can be used in other destinations?

Is there an online facility for processing EU and Arab certificates?

There is an online facility for processing both EU and Arab Irish certificates of origin and related documents. This facility is provided in conjunction with TradeCert and enables you, after purchasing the certificates as normal, to print out certificates of origin, with the Dublin Chamber stamp, at your desk.

Using this system negates the need to courier or bring your certificates to the chamber and provides easy solutions in the event of mistakes being made on the certificates or related documents submitted for stamping.   

How does TradeCert work?

For information on how to use this system please see the Tradecert Quick Guide for Exporters.  You will be registered for using this system when you complete and return your indemnity form and authorised signatory list.

Do Certificates Ever Have to be Processed Manually?

Sometimes, at the request of importers both EU or Arab Irish Certificates may have to be processed manually. The best procedure for this eventuality is:

  • Purchase the blank certificate of origin.
  • Fill in all the necessary details (there are instructions for completing the certificate on the back of the pink copy of the EU certificate and blue copy of the Arab Irish certificate).
  • When the information has been properly entered then the pink copy of the EU certificate and the blue and green copies of the Arab Irish certificate are signed by one of your authorised signatories and the original 3 or 4 part certificate is sent in to the Chamber, along with any extra documents your customer requires, to be stamped.
  • All Arab Irish certificates submitted for stamping must be accompanied by the relevant commercial invoice signed by one of your authorised signatories. If you do not need this to be stamped then please mark it ‘DCC records only’.

Click here for blank cert templates for both EU and Arab Irish certificates.

How can I process a certificate manually?

  • Photocopy two copies of the certificate.
  • Fill in the required details on the template and print on to one of the photocopies. (There are instructions as to what information is required on the back of the pink copy of the EU certificate and the blue copy of the Arab Irish certificate)
  • When you are sure that all the required information is appearing in the correct places then print on to the originals.

What is the cost For a Certificate of Origin?

EC and/or Arab Irish:

Members €26.00 + VAT = €31.98. Non-Members €47.00 + VAT = €57.81

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