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Online Training: The Sustainability Academy - Resource Management & Efficiency

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This Resource Efficiency Workshop will provide participants with skills and knowledge to commence a resource efficiency programme in their business - to include the resources of energy, raw materials and water.

Participants will be encouraged to assess their business for resource efficiency opportunities and prepare an action plan. Participants will be provided with the knowledge to better understand their consumption levels for more efficient resource management.

This session will include a showcase of relevant case studies from a number of NWPP resource efficiency programmes.

Course Details:

Wednesday 8th of June 9.30am - 12.30
Cost: Participation is subsidised by AIB and priced at €50 per session for Dublin Chamber members

Wed 08 Jun 2022
09:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Webinar, Dublin Chamber, . .

Key Topics:

Understanding energy terminology, understanding bills, energy consumption and costs as a key  aspects of business success
- Learning how to improve energy efficiency, technical solutions and staff awareness.
Identification of waste in a business process and identification of opportunists to prevent, minimise and reuse waste
Benchmarking energy, waste, and water for the business so that the business can compare its own environmental performance on a regular basis against best practice standards.
 - Raising staff awareness on how they can improve business efficiency through adopting resource efficiency in the workplace
- Developing a resource efficiency action plan for the businesses including how to maintain  this plan and achieve objectives
Demonstrate to business where there are financial supports for the implementation of resource efficiency 

Lecture Content & Learning Outcomes

Scene setting for resource efficiency
Energy: understanding energy terminology and consumption, understanding bills, learning how to  minimize costs
Energy monitoring, measurement, benchmarking and auditing
Learning how to improve energy efficiency showcasing Irish Case Studies from CTC managed programmes such as the Green Business programme
Opportunities for renewable energy
Water: Understanding consumption, bills, benchmarking - learning how to minimize water consumption and costs 
Waste: understanding the waste management hierarchy, identifying where waste is produced, understanding bills, benchmarking, learning how to prevent and minimise waste and costs
Raise staff awareness on sustainability issues.

Event date: 
Wed 08 Jun 2022
Event time: 
09:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Webinar, Dublin Chamber, . .

Terms and Conditions

The dial in details for the workshop will be circulated the day before the event.

This event is closed.

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