Candidate Brief & FAQ's

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What is the Dublin Chamber Council?

The Council provides strategic direction to the Chamber, based on listening to, understanding and representing the needs of the Chamber’s members and the Dublin business community. For further information on the role of Council click here

What are the Council elections?

The Council Elections are the democratic process by which members of the Chamber are elected to the Chamber’s governing Board.  Each year 10 places on Council become available and it is the right of members of the Chamber to have a say on who assists on the Governance of the Chamber.

When does voting start?

Voting is held via online e-voting Mid February 2025 for one week only.

Who has a vote?

Each member company of the Chamber has ‘nominees’ listed with us, this varies depending on member category, SME (1), Business (3) or Corporate (5).  Each of the nominees of member companies have a vote.

Who are the Election Candidates

The Candidates going forward can be viewed by going to the candidate page, there you can browse their biographies and election statements.

How many people can I vote for?

Nominees can vote for up to 10 candidates (10 or less) and can vote only once

How do I vote?

Nominees of Chamber member companies will be issued a pin to enable them to vote on the voting page of the Chamber website.  The ‘vote now’ page is only available during the voting stage.

When does voting end?

Voting is open for 1 week and usually mid February

What are the candidate qualifications?

If you or your company is a paid member of the Chamber, then you can run for election to Council.

How do I nominate myself or a colleague?

You will need two proposers for your nomination who must also be fully paid members of the Chamber.  You will also need to submit a biography and election statement.  

Where do I submit my nomination form?

Nominations have to be made online via this election section on Chamber website, a nomination page will be made available. 

When does my nomination have to be in?

The nomination stage is open from the mid to end January 2025

What is the level of commitment?

If elected, a term is for the period of 3 years, at the end of a term you can decide to run again in the elections or stay involved with the Chamber as a member.  Council meet monthly, usually the second Tuesday of every month (excluding July/August/November) 7 times per annum.  Meetings are held (usually) from 7.30am to 9.15am, largely in Chamber offices or virtual depending on circumstances.  Council Members also represent the Chamber and can act as mentors for new members, promoting the Chamber and leaders in terms of communications and business interaction. 

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