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Disaster Recovery and Business Resilience with Sungard AS

Event Summary


Come along to a Business Breakfast with Sungard Availability Services on November 29th joining us will be Dr. Sandra Bell, where she will be discussing Disaster Recovery and Business Resilience.

Time: 8am-9:30am
Date: 29th November 2018
Venue: Dublin Chamber, 7 Clare Street, Dublin 2

With 40 years of disaster recovery and business continuity experience, Sungard AS has witnessed many changes. Due to its original transactional role in business, where outages were tolerable and impacts were not immediately felt by the customer, the risk control measures most commonly found within the IT Department were security and disaster recovery to support the business continuity efforts in the business.
However, this has now changed dramatically. Consumers are no longer happy to wait for a company to execute a heroic recovery and resilience is no longer a “nice to have” but a business imperative.
This session will track the history of Sungard AS from when it became the first major commercial hot site vendor in 1978 to the current day where is offers a full portfolio of resilience services from the IT Department to the C-suite