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Business Breakfast: When Does Failure Fuel Success & Innovation

Open University

Event Summary


The idea of failure might strike fear into the hearts of business leaders, yet the reality is that at some point we all fail. Whether it is a project that doesn't quite work out, a promotion we miss out on or perhaps a deal that somehow seems to elude us, failure is an inevitable part of all our lives.

Yet for both leaders and organisations, the real opportunity lies not in avoiding failure but in ensuring that when failure does occur, it is managed intelligently, and that lessons – positive, negative and otherwise – are learned in order to support both success and innovation.

In this Breakfast Briefing, Open University Associate Lecturer, Laurence Knell, will take a practical look at the critical importance of failure for both success and innovation Drawing on research Laurence has undertaken as part of the revised OU MBA Module – BB842: Sustainable Creative Management – the session will focus on how practices such as Intelligent Failure, Deliberate Practice and After-Action Reviews can unlock the benefits of failure. Members of the Chamber will learn how they can more effectively manage failure so that they, their teams and their organisations can be more successful and achieve greater levels of innovation. 

Date: Thursday 4th of April
Time: 8.00am -9.30am
Venue: Dublin Chamber, 7 Clare Street, Dublin 

Members of the Chamber attending the event will:
• Redefine their understanding of innovation and success;
• Learn effective techniques for managing failure in organisations;
• Gain insight into approaches for enhancing organisational and personal resilience. 


This event is kindly sponsored by The Open University

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