Andy Maguire, TU Dublin

Andy Maguire, Head of Innovation & Industry Services - European Research, TU Dublin

Andy has the responsibility of coordinating TU Dublin’s ARISE initiative, leveraging the University’s extensive body of applied academics to the 5 enterprise sectors of

  • Biopharma, Life Sciences, & Medical Technologies
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Food, Agritech., Bio-economy, & Sustainability
  • ICT & Financial Services
  • Audio-Visual, Creative & Cultural.

With a primary degree from TU Dublin’s School of Marketing, he gained a wealth of operational experience assisting Irish High Potential Start-Ups in developing their marketing presence. Gaining an M.B.A. from K.U. Leuven and having lectured in Marketing and Logistics, he has lately worked with TU Dublin academic staff to apply their expertise beyond the classroom.


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