Climate Strategy


Towards Net Zero: Climate Strategy & Decarbonisation

Understanding and addressing how Climate Change is directly impacting your business is now a key strategic issue.

Not only is Climate Change of critical concern for organisations, especially those involved in energy and resource intensive sectors, but having a Climate Change Strategy is now a competitive issue that all businesses must address.

In the world of increasing emissions and climate change, decarbonisation is a key term used to describe the phasing out of carbon dioxide emissions from the use of fossil fuels. It is a critical aspect of managing the global greenhouse gas problem.

In Toward Net Zero: Climate Strategy and Decarbonisation, we will help participants to understand how to measure and report carbon emissions and how to assess climate risk and opportunity in their organisations.

Over the programme, we will share examples of best practise and recommended approaches to setting targets and decarbonisation pathways towards Net Zero and explain other science-based targets.

Course Content

  • What is climate change and why does it impact on business
  • The key climate related trends and how these relate to key sectors
  • What is a carbon footprint and how does it relates to your business needs?
  • Carbon - footprinting, measurement and reporting standards
  • Understanding Scopes 1, 2 and 3, and what a company can do to reduce them
  • Industry and sectoral carbon initiatives
  • Reporting climate risk and opportunity - TCFD
  • Carbon target setting – Net Zero, science based targets, pledges, carbon neutrality
  • Carbon and climate change reporting and initiatives
  • Decarbonization pathways and strategies
  • Key stakeholder engagement on carbon

Course Objectives

  • Understand why climate change is of critical importance to business, governments, financial institutions, and employees.
  • Understand how your organisation can show climate leadership, considering climate risk and opportunity
  • How to measure, report, set targets and decarbonise your business.
  • Understand an appropriate approach to carbon targets, pledges and ambition
  • Upskill and enable organisations to benchmark, monitor and improve their carbon footprints on an annual basis
  • Understand the principles of organisational and product environmental footprinting
  • Understand the basics of carbon reporting and how to prepare and present annual carbon footprint reports at company, process, and product levels.
  • Understand how to engage with key stakeholders on the topic of climate change

How will the courses be delivered?

Each course will be delivered remotely by in an interactive, classroom style format. These courses are designed to provide an optimal, interactive learning experience.

How much does it cost?

Participation in any of the outlined courses is subsidised by AIB and priced at €95 members and €300 non members per session for Dublin Chamber members.

Academy participants will also be given a free one-hour, one-on-one advisory consultation with an expert advisor.
About Dublin Chamber Sustainability Academy's Training Partner:
SUSTHub provides highly engaging, bespoke and targeted training programs and masterclasses enabling executive leadership teams, board members, and senior leadership teams, to accelerate their organisations’ sustainability performance.


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