Dublin Chamber has a long history of advocating for policies that increased the ability of entrepreneurs to establish job-creating businesses and for those that already have to expand theirs.  Some of the policy recommendations from the Chamber’s budget submission focused on this area include:

  • Allow an employee that is granted share options in their employer’s business to only be subject to income tax on the discount between the option exercise price and the market value of the shares on the date of grant of the option with the income tax liability arising on the date of exercise of the option.
  • Remove the 3% USC Surcharge on self-employed people earning over €100,000.
  • Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit for the self-employed to €1,650 per annum.
  • Improve the Entrepreneurs’ Relief on Capital Gains Tax by increasing the lifetime cap to €10 million.
  • Encourage investment in indigenous business by applying a lower rate of CGT (20%) to all investment in unquoted companies.

Through consistent and effective advocacy, many of these measures have been included in the Programme for Partnership Government and are have already been introduced, through require expansion. 

Policy Documents

Submission on the R&D Tax Credit

June 2019. Dublin Chamber's submission to the Department of Finance on the review of the Research & Development Tax Credit.

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Submission to Consultation on Tax & Entrepreneurship


Read Dublin Chamber's submission to the Department of Finance's consultation on tax and entrepreneurship. The main questions asked by the Department were as follows:


  1. What role, if any, should the tax system play in encouraging entrepreneurship
  2. What barriers to establishing enterprises exist in the current tax system
  3. What existing tax measures are effective in supporting small businesses and encouraging entrepreneurs?
  4. What existing tax measures are ineffective in supporting small businesses and encouraging entrepreneurs? How could such measures be improved or should they be abolished?


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Pre-Budget 2015 Submission

Dublin Chamber has put forward a number of recommendations in this pre-Budget 2015 submission with the aim of creating the highest impact growth impact per Exchequer euro cost.

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Presentation at ITI Budget Briefing

Dublin Chamber held a pre-Budget 2015 briefing in association with the Irish Tax Institute.

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General Election 2011 - Dublin Chamber Manifesto

Government needs a resilient business sector that will assist in rebuilding the economy and create employment. The Greater Dublin Area is the engine of growth for the Irish economy.

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Local Election Manifesto 2009

Local Election Manifesto: 'Save Jobs by Cutting the Cost of Doing Business'

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Jobs initiative submission

Submission to the minister of finance on the ‘jobs initiative’

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