Dublin Global Reputation

What does the International community really think of Dublin?


We set out at the beginning of 2019 to identify what the international community, both abroad and at home, think of Dublin. We wanted to take a snapshot in time of Dublin’s Global Reputation. By partnering with Reputation Institute, surveying a number of countries’ perceptions of Dublin using their tried and tested RepTrak® methodology, we succeeded in gaining a new depth of understanding of Dublin’s reputation abroad. You can read about the City RepTrak® 2019 report on Dublin’s reputation in selected markets here

Dublin Today

The Dublin of today has a thriving international community, thanks in large part to the city acting as EMEA HQ to some of the biggest names in tech, pharma and financial services. This community adds new layers of life, experience and colour to our city. This is why we also surveyed Dublin’s internationals, to find out how they view their chosen city.


The results of the study show that overall, Dublin has a strong international repu­tation. There is room to improve, but the city’s international standing is competitive and com­pares well against other global cities.
Dublin’s reputation as a tourism destination is excellent, and this is what many know it for. However, people do not know as much about the many other ways in which Dublin excels: for example its strength as an international tech hub, its attractiveness as an FDI location, and its vibrancy as a forward thinking and in­clusive place.


The experience of those international citi­zens who live in Dublin reflects more of the challenges and growing pains of the city, with concerns about the quality of public transport, housing, and overall safety coming to the fore. This suggests more work is needed to improve the quality of life of Dubliners and those who have chosen to make Dublin their home alike.
You can read more about this first of its kind study on Dublin’s reputation by clicking on the button below. 


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