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Dublin Chamber disappointed at issuing of enforcement order on daa

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By Chamber Press Office, 03 August 2023


Dublin Chamber disappointed at issuing of enforcement order on daa

Thursday 3rd of August 2023Dublin Chamber has expressed its disappointment at the actions of Fingal County Council in issuing an enforcement order on daa and particularly the onerous conditions attached.  

Stephen Browne, Head of Public Affairs said “Granting only six weeks for daa to comply with this enforcement order is excessive and unreasonable, particularly as the airport is currently operating within peak summer season. Dublin Airport is by far the busiest transport hub in the country by passenger numbers and having to drastically reduce night flights so suddenly may have a damaging effect on tourism and business”.  

“The overall decision by Fingal County Council is short sighted and could negatively affect Ireland’s connectivity and reputation. Flights may end up delayed or cancelled so as co comply with this order. An Bord Pleanála has yet to rule on the current planning application and Dublin Chamber strongly advises that daa be afforded a six month timeframe as is alternatively available, instead of the punitive six weeks currently ordered in order to make these changes. 

“The aviation sector is competitive, with slots and ease of connectivity being seen as paramount to airlines for an attractive destination. This decision could leave a lasting impression, and Ireland is very much dependent on air travel, with the vast majority of flights coming through Dublin. We would urge Fingal County Council to engage with daa and think again on the effects this will have on tourism and trade not just for Dublin but for the country as a whole”.  


For further information, please contact:

Órla Mannion | Public Affairs Manager | Dublin Chamber |

About Dublin Chamber: Dublin Chamber is Ireland’s largest chamber of commerce with over 1,300 member companies. It is the most representative and broadly-based business group in the Greater Dublin Area, providing representation and networking services. Its policy work focuses on developing the Dublin region’s infrastructure & transport, promoting competitiveness, and improving local governance. Dublin Chamber is also one of the oldest chambers of commerce in the world, tracing its origins back to 1782.

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