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Chamber Calls for Credit Cards to Become Mandatory in Irish Taxis

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31 October 2019

Dublin Chamber has called for the acceptance of credit and debit card payments to become mandatory in taxis in Ireland.

In a submission to the National Transport Authority, made earlier this week in response to the National Maximum Taxi Fare Review Report, the Chamber notes that a lack of card payment options in some Dublin taxis flies in the face of the city’s smart city credentials and represents a frustration for both tourists and business visitors.

According to Dublin Chamber CEO Mary Rose Burke: “Being able to pay for goods and services by card is now taken for granted in major cities around the world. We often hear from visitors who are left surprised when they arrive at Dublin Airport and are told that they can only pay by cash. A lack of credit card payment options leaves an underwhelming impression on visitors and adds significant hassle to moving around the city, particularly for those who have just arrived from overseas.”

Dublin Chamber says in its submission to the NTA that the mandatory acceptance of credit cards would be a significant step towards the overall goal of an accessible and modern transport system for Dublin – and Ireland’s other main cities.

Ms Burke said: “There is a growing trend in consumer behaviour towards card and digital payments. In the past five years – and since the last taxi fare review – there has been a significant change in how people carry and spend cash. Dublin is moving towards becoming a predominantly cashless city, which is in-keeping with international trends. While a large number of consumers still use cash for some purchases, the roll-out of contactless payments has led to a sharp increase in card payments. This trend is only set to continue to grow.”
The Chamber notes in its submission that a wider acceptance of cards will bring a number of notable economic benefits, including: increased tax revenues and a reduction in grey economy activity.

Ms Burke said: “The taxi industry in Ireland is one of the last to fully embrace card payment technologies. Thanks to the Leap card and modern ticket machines, cash is no longer needed for buying train, Luas or bus tickets. Paying by card is also now possible when parking across the city, while the advent of taxi apps such as FreeNow has proved extremely popular with people of all ages. Making card payments in taxis is a logical – and urgently needed – next step for the NTA to take.”

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