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Chamber Launches New Online Training Programme for SMEs

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05 December 2019

Dublin Chamber has today (5th December) launched Eurostart, a new free online practical training programme for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs.
The Eurostart programme will provide companies with training modules across core six business areas that are recognised as being essential for developing and growing a successful business: financial and economic literacy; leadership and initiative; intellectual property rights; project management and planning; creativity; and cooperation and team-working.
Eurostart is a European-wide partnership between Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Poland, designed to develop core competencies in young companies and entrepreneurs.
Eurostart is one of a suite of tools offered by Dublin Chamber which aim to help the owners and managers of Irish startups and early stage companies to advance their businesses. Dublin Chamber also oversees a number of other EU projects and services, including the Enterprise Europe Network and the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme.
The new Eurostart programme was launched at an event in Dublin Chamber’s headquarters in Dublin, where attendees received advice from experienced entrepreneurs about how they have grown their businesses and expanded in to international markets.
According to Dublin Chamber’s Head of Operations & Member Services Linda McNulty: “Dublin Chamber’s aim is to help entrepreneurs and startup operators to flesh out their knowledge and skills base. It’s very common for the founders and managers of early stage companies to lack expertise in certain areas. Through initiatives such as Eurostart, we’re aiming to help them to fill those gaps. The Eurostart programme is designed to help participants get to grips with what can be tricky areas to navigate such as communication skills, self-development skills and, perhaps most crucially, management skills.”
The online Eurostart course, funded by the European Commission, is made up of a number of modules, allowing participants to complete at their own pace. Once the course has been completed, participants receive a Europass Certificate – a credential recognised throughout the EU.
Ms McNulty said: “The Eurostart course is a really useful way for entrepreneurs and business owners to round out their skill sets. The course focuses on a number of particular areas where founders typically report that they are deficient. We are seeing strong interest from companies from all sectors in Dublin and believe that taking this course will provide their key personnel with a very useful stepping stone as they seek to grow their business.”
To get started, participants simply need to register on the Eurostart website:

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