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Dublin Businesses Show They’re Bloody Brilliant

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29 January 2020

Businesses and workers in Dublin are being encouraged to donate blood this Spring under a new initiative between Dublin Chamber and the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS).
The Chamber, which represents 1,300 companies in Dublin, has teamed up with IBTS to promote the BloodWorks initiative, which encourages companies – both big and small – to facilitate their staff to donate blood during working hours.
The partnership between the Chamber and the IBTS was announced at a blood drive being held by Vodafone and IBTS at Vodafone’s headquarters in Mountainview, Leopardstown. Vodafone’s employees have been donating blood during working hours for many years.
Dublin Chamber CEO Mary Rose Burke said she hoped that the Chamber’s partnership with the IBTS would raise awareness of the importance of donating blood and encourage more businesses to organise group blood donations.
According to Dublin Chamber CEO Mary Rose Burke: “One in four people will need a blood transfusion at some point in their lives. However, only 3% of the eligible population are currently donating blood. We are proud to support this initiative to promote blood donation among businesses in the Greater Dublin Region and we encourage all businesses to get involved to ensure a stable and regular supply of blood over the coming months.”
The IBTS regularly holds blood donation days in the premises of large companies around Ireland. The organisation also offers a lift and drop service for small groups of employees who want to visit blood clinics in order to donate. 
According to Irish Blood Transfusion Service CEO Andy Kelly: “BloodWorks is an initiative aimed at encouraging and facilitating group blood donations. Whether a business is big or small, we want to make it their business to give blood. The IBTS greatly appreciates the support it receives from businesses in Dublin. There are 251 companies who actively participate in our Bloodworks programme whereby staff are allowed to donate on company time. This generates a lot of donations and ensures that the IBTS can maintain a consistent supply of blood for patients. We would welcome more companies to sign up for this programme. We never get to choose when we need blood but we can choose when to give.”
Through the BloodWorks programme, the IBTS can provide clear and concise information to circulate amongst staff on how to get involved. The IBTS team can also arrange appointments and transport for staff members to allow them to get to the IBTS’ fixed clinics in Stillorgan and D’Olier Street.
Businesses looking to discuss or arrange a work ferry can call 01 474 5000 for more information.

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