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Bus Lane Enforcement Key to BusConnects Success

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By Chamber Press Office, 04 March 2020

The new revised BusConnects proposal, published today by the National Transport Authority (NTA), marks a progressive step forward for the urgently needed plan, according to Dublin Chamber.

The Chamber said the new revised plan is a significant step towards providing Dublin with the free-flowing and reliable bus network that it so badly requires.
However, Dublin Chamber has cautioned that a step-change will be required in the enforcement of bus lanes if BusConnects is to be successful.
The Chamber was reacting to plans released today by the NTA for the Emerging Preferred Routes for the 16 Core Bus Corridors under the BusConnects moniker. The plan would see the welcome roll-out of 230km of continuous priority bus lanes and 200km of cycle tracks.

According to Dublin Chamber’s Head of Public Affairs Fergus Sharpe: “The cornerstone of the BusConnects plan is an increase in prioritisation for buses. However, the best plan in the world will ultimately only work if it coincides with an increased clampdown on the rogue use of bus lanes. The government, Gardai and transport agencies must look seriously at the rollout of camera technology and automatic number plate recognition systems across the city, particularly at known congestion spots. BusConnects has the potential to provide commuters in Dublin with the consistency of bus commute times that they so badly need – particularly if they are to be enticed out of their private cars and on to the bus. But without adequate enforcement we fear that the potential of the BusConnects plan will be stuck in congestion.”

Dublin Chamber said the new revised plan shows that the NTA’s collaborative approach to BusConnects is working, and has called for all stakeholders to once again engage constructively with the latest round of public consultation.

Mr Sharpe said: “It is clear from the proposals outlined today that the NTA have really listened to the concerns that people and businesses have expressed and made necessary changes. With BusConnects we have an opportunity to revolutionise the bus network in Dublin – providing the city’s commuters with the modern service that they need and deserve. Promoting modal change in the city to sustainable alternatives is a key priority for Dublin Chamber. Encouraging increased use of public transport and active travel requires the roll-out of world-class infrastructure that will provide for safe, speedy and consistent commutes.”

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