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Irish Consumers Urged to ‘Look Local First’ When Shopping Online

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By Chamber Press Office, 18 March 2020

Dublin Chamber is calling on Irish consumers to look local first when shopping online over the coming days and weeks.

The Chamber, responding to the news that some Irish retailers have made the decision to close their physical doors for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus outbreak, said that an extra emphasis on supporting Irish businesses online over the coming period will help support local jobs.

According to Dublin Chamber’s Head of Communications Graeme McQueen: “We’re calling on consumers to play their part to help support Irish businesses over the coming period. Dublin Chamber’s message is simple: if you are shopping online over the coming days and weeks, please look local first. The doors of many Irish retailers may be closed, but most have an online presence. Even if there’s a small difference in the price between an Irish website and another overseas, we’d encourage people to play their part by spending their money locally. By supporting an Irish business you are helping to support local jobs at this tough time and aiding embattled Irish businesses to weather the current storm. This is a hugely challenging time for everyone, but by working together and supporting those close to us we can all get through it together.”

Dublin Chamber is also calling on Irish consumers to consider buying online vouchers for their favourite restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels.

Mr McQueen said: “Perhaps you had a family gathering planned for a restaurant or a short break planned for a hotel in Ireland that you’ve had to postpone. If so, why not go online and buy a voucher for the venue which you can use in the future. This type of activity will help to support those businesses who have had to shut their doors or curtail their operations due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Whether it’s a €20 voucher for your local café or €200 for a hotel in another part of the country, your support can help keep businesses going and protect jobs both in the short and long term. The Covid-19 crisis will abate and things will return to normal in time. In the meantime, we must all do what we can individually and collectively to play our part.”

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