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Chamber Welcomes Waiver of Outdoor Furniture Fees

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09 June 2020

Dublin Chamber has welcomed the move by Dublin City Council to waive charges on the placement of tables and chairs within the public realm.

Dublin Chamber, the representative group for businesses in the Dublin region, said the move will help many cafes and restaurants in the city to reopen and recover more quickly.

Dublin City Council announced today that applications are now being taken from businesses that would like to expand into the public realm. Under the Government's Covid-19 reopening plan, it will be possible to put out tables and chairs, once permission has been granted by the Council, from the 29th of June when Phase 3 is scheduled to commence.

According to Dublin Chamber's Head of Communications Graeme McQueen: "We welcome the constructive and positive move by Dublin City Council to waive charges on tables and chairs for a period of six months. Social distancing requirements mean that many cafes and restaurants will be extremely tight for space when their premises reopen for customers at the end of June. Being able to expand out into the street, where deemed appropriate by the Council, will provide a badly-needed release valve for businesses. We are aware of a strong appetite amongst consumers for outdoor eating and drinking in Dublin, so this move should lead to increased trade and a more vibrant city centre over the second half of the year. The availability of more outdoor seating will give people an opportunity to experience the summer in Dublin in a different way.”

Mr. McQueen added: "There are many areas of the city where the addition of outdoor seating and tables will be possible. In some cases, this will require a reimagining of how we are using the street space that's available to us. This a great opportunity for the business community and the Council to work together to ensure that space is being used in the most appropriate way that benefits all users of the city."

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