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Dublin Chamber | Celebrating Pride 2020 & Dublin's Diversity

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09 June 2020

Dublin Chamber's vision for Dublin is of a modern capital city that is diverse, vibrant, inclusive, compassionate and caring. A city that is globally renowned for its economic vitality and quality of life. We believe that quality of life includes ensuring people feel accepted, empowered, valued and supported in the community in which they live and work.

The makeup of the Dublin business community has changed markedly over the past 30 years. It will continue to do over the next 30 years and Dublin Chamber will seek to play a pivotal role in its positive development. The business community across the Greater Dublin region now employs people from 200 different countries. Indeed, around 1 in every 6 persons living in the Dublin region was born outside of Ireland. The Dublin region is a place where people are welcome regardless of their ethnicity, skin colour, or religion.

As the voice of the business community in the Dublin region, we are proud that so many people from all around the world have chosen to make Dublin their home. Some of our newest industries are the most diverse, bringing people with a variety of skills from all over the world. Employment legislation protects people from discrimination but we know true diversity and inclusion is much more than that. Similarly, we are keen to understand any business issue that arises or that acts as a barrier to aspects of inclusion such as labour market participation. Dublin Chamber will continue to work to ensure that any such issues are resolved.

Dublin Chamber has actively addressed and promoted gender diversity over the years and our support for diversity generally has increased in recent years. Core to the Chamber's Dublin 2050 initiative has been the progression of the diversity and inclusion debate and we are active in ensuring that the voices of minority groups in Dublin are heard. In 2019 we ran a Reputation Survey of Dublin, asking thousands of internationals for their views on Dublin and how the city can be improved as a place to live, work, study and visit. The key messages identified via the survey continue to be delivered to Government.

We are delighted to once again this year carry the Pride colours on the front door of our building on Clare Street. This feature brought great colour to the street last year and wonderful engagement from passers-by. Ahead of Pride week later this month, we are proud to enhance our door even further this summer in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.  We hope that this small act will help send out the message that Dublin is a place that everyone could call home. Because a diverse Dublin is a #BetterDublin.

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