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Guide launched to help businesses plan for returning to the office

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02 June 2021

Dublin Chamber today (Wednesday, 2nd June) launched its ‘Future Office – A guide to returning to the office successfully’ to help businesses effectively plan and prepare for the return to office working in early Autumn.  

As businesses look ahead to further re-opening of the economy and society, many are now trying to figure out how their workplaces are going to best serve their businesses and employees.   

Dublin Chamber’s new guide signposts businesses through a four-phase pathway to safely returning to the office. 

  1. Through deciding what their office will be used for going forward; 
  2. through the health and safety and practicalities of going back to working in the office; 
  3. through the process of communicating and keeping staff in the loop; 
  4. and monitoring for success.   

Dublin Chamber Sustainability Manager and policy lead on hybrid working, Sinead Healy, commented on the launch of the Dublin Chamber Future Office guide;   
Businesses and employees have missed the many positive aspects of being in the office, from the teamwork, collaboration, and communication that the office brings, to simply being back with colleagues to connect and be part of a buzzing atmosphere in the city and in the office. Now is the time for businesses to start the planning process for going back to a level of office working successfully and that is what the ‘Future Office - A guide to returning to the office successfully’ will help you do.   

“Changes to the way we work and to the future of work have been accelerated by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. The rapid transition to flexible and remote work and accelerated digitisation will not only transform the way we work but the places we work and that’s why this guide really sets out how a business can take this opportunity to really think about what their future office will be for and how they want that office to serve the business and its employees” 

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