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Dublin Chamber welcomes first BusConnects services

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24 June 2021

The Chamber welcomed the news that the first services of the redesigned bus network for Dublin will begin operating from Howth and Malahide this coming Sunday.  

Dublin Chamber’s CEO Mary Rose Burke commented on the announcement: “The Bus network is the backbone of public transport in the city and the truth is that Dublin has for a long time badly needed an improved bus network. What BusConnects represents and what the launch of the H-spine represents is a new way of thinking around public transport. It’s about improving the efficiency and attractiveness of public transport in the city, creating a modern bus network for a modern city, and ultimately encouraging modal change.  

She continued: “As we look towards August and September and the potential return to the office, it’s vitally important that commuters have confidence in the public transport network. The new BusConnects redesign, and the impending launch on Sunday, will enhance confidence in the Bus network, it will make it easier to move around the city which will help to improve quality of life, particularly for the tens of thousands of commuters who normally rely on bus services every day.” 

“While welcoming the launch of the H-spine it’s important also to note the rising reports of congestion in the city. Dublin not only needs the BusConnects redesign to be rolled out as quickly as possible, but also needs to see progress on the DART+ and Underground, the MetroLink, the Luas extension, and the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Plan. The city's public and active transport infrastructure need major investment and despite Covid-19 related delays we hope to see these projects advanced as quickly as possible.”

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