What is Happening on Friday April 26th 2024?

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11 April 2024

Ibec’s 10th National Workplace Wellbeing Day is on Friday 26th April.

Wellbeing is important all year round, but Ibec’s national day gives it an important focus. It prompts employers to commit to Wellbeing initiatives for their people.

Why is Employee Wellbeing so Important?

Today’s workplace is a hectic environment, and people are reporting increased levels of stress and work overload. This causes unhappiness in work but can also affects people’s life outside of work.

Productivity & Wellbeing Consultant Moira Dunne, is the co-founder of

“If people work in a hectic environment, it can be hard to get their work done each day. If they are worried about their workload piling up, they can’t switch off and refresh after hours.

They often work longer hours which causes them to miss important time with family and friends or on hobbies or exercise.”

Moira’s Wellbeing Tips

Each year Moira partners with Ibec to deliver a Wellbeing Webinar. This year her theme is 'Mind Fitness at Work'.

“I chose this theme as I can see increasing levels of stress and overwhelm in the workplace. And I want to help people by giving them simple, practical tools for Mental Wellbeing and Mind Fitness”.

“At our mission is to help people work smart with less stress and more balance.

I will be delivering many in-house Wellbeing Talks and Training courses in the lead up the National Day on April 26th.

Why is Mental Wellbeing Important?

There is plenty of research to show that “happy” employees are more productive.

“From our work with clients we know that the reverse is also true. If people can be productive, their mental wellbeing is boosted as they can: 1) get their work done each day, 2) feel good about their achievements and 3) switch off after hours.

By reducing stress in the workplace with simple practical changes, employers can improve overall Employee Wellbeing in a lasting way.”

Work with Moira Dunne

If you need ideas for your in-house Wellbeing Day programme here are some options:

You can read more by click the links above or email Moira ( to discuss further.

Read about Moira’s 30-year corporate career here:


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