Lidl Ireland Beefy €100 Million Contract with Irish Supplier

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11 April 2024

Lidl Ireland Beefy €100 Million Contract with Irish Supplier Liffey Meats Sees Global Exports of Irish Beef Worth Record €25 Million

Supply deal sees Bord Bia Quality Assured Irish beef exported to 13 countries across Europe

Lidl Ireland’s €100 million contract with Cavan beef supplier Liffey Meats sees the retailer exporting €25 million worth of Bord Bia Quality Assured Irish beef to Lidl stores across the globe. Minister Neale Richmond TD, on his official St Patrick’s Day visit to Croatia, visited a Lidl store in Zagreb to view the selection of Liffey Meats products that are exported by Lidl Ireland to its sister stores in Croatia.

Lidl’s supply deal has facilitated 54 Bord Bia Quality Assured products exported to Lidl stores in 13 countries across Europe showcasing the best of Irish beef on the global stage. Lidl and Liffey Meats have grown a strong partnership of over 20 years and now more than 50 varieties of quality cuts, from Great Taste award-winning rib roast joints to 36-day aged ribeye steaks, make their way onto the retailer’s shelves in Ireland and beyond all year around.

Lidl Ireland has been exporting Irish products to Croatia since 2018. From Cavan’s Liffey Meats’ quality ribeye steaks to Kildare’s Rye River Irish stout, Cork’s Irish Bacon Slicer’s medallions to Irish crème liqueur cheesecake all the way from Kerry, a host of quality homegrown Irish produce make their way to Lidl Croatia’s 109 stores across the country just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, Neale Richmond, TD, commented, “Ireland’s quality food is known across the world thanks to our fantastic producers and that Lidl exported €300 million worth of Irish goods in 2023 is a testament to this. I am delighted to be with Lidl in Croatia as part of my St Patrick’s Day visit where Irish goods have been on the shelves since 2018. Food is one of Ireland’s biggest exports and thanks to Lidl it is available on supermarket shelves across the world.” 

Ciaran Beirne, Head of Retail Sales for Liffey Meats, who greeted Minister Richmond at the Lidl Store in Zagreb, said, “Our longstanding partnership with Lidl has allowed us to develop our business significantly over the past number of years, and this opportunity to leverage new international markets is a game changer. We are extremely grateful to Lidl for the ongoing support and investment and it’s a real full circle moment to see our Irish beef on the shelves of Lidl stores in Croatia today. We look forward to bringing premium Irish beef to Lidl customers across the globe for many years to come.”

J.P. Scally, Chief Executive Officer, Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland, said: “Growing our local supplier network has always been a priority for us and we’re proud of the longstanding, sustainable partnership we’ve grown with Liffey Meats. When Irish suppliers get the opportunity to supply Lidl stores in Ireland, they’re at the very beginning of a fruitful journey where the sky is the limit! We’re delighted to be able to facilitate countless export deals with our best performing Irish suppliers to bring the taste of Ireland to millions of Lidl shoppers across the globe every year.

In 2023, Lidl Ireland procured more than €1.6 billion worth of goods and services from local businesses, with over €300 million worth of goods exported globally through the Lidl network. This record investment is a huge driver of economic growth and demonstrates our commitment to supporting an entire network of local businesses to grow, develop and enjoy success.”

In February, Lidl announced that more than €1.6 billion worth of goods and services were procured from Irish suppliers in 2023, and of that €1.6 billion, more than €300 million worth of goods were exported to Lidl stores across the globe. Lidl Ireland employs more than 6,000 people across its 179 stores, 3 regional distribution centres in Newbridge, Mullingar and Charleville and Dublin Head Office in Tallaght.

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