Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - 32 Network Meeting

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04 April 2024

Dublin Chamber is excited to join the 32 Networking Meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania, on April 10th and 11th for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme. Intermediary organisations from across Europe will gather to exchange experiences and best practices, with a focus on sustainability. During the event, we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the project's founding, culminating in the Innovator's Award 2024 ceremony, celebrating entrepreneurs who have committed to innovation and sustainability. 

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs offers a valuable opportunity for aspiring or newly established entrepreneurs to gain practical experience by working abroad with experienced mentors. This program not only fosters skill development but also facilitates the exchange of innovative ideas, potentially leading to new products, services, or partnerships.

Participation criteria include less than 3 years of entrepreneurial experience for new entrepreneurs and over 3 years for host entrepreneurs.

The program operates through collaborations between new and host entrepreneurs, typically lasting from one to six months, with flexibility in scheduling to accommodate various needs. Financial support is available for new entrepreneurs to cover travel and subsistence costs, while the program is cost-free for host entrepreneurs.

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