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28 March 2024

Below are two energy grants that are available to SMEs on their emissions reducing journey. 

EENergy grant: 

The first is a financial support of up to €10,000 provided by EENergy to be used for the implementation of actions resulting in improved energy efficiency, with the contractual aim of achieving a 5% reduction in energy consumption. 

The grant can be applied to investment, consultancy or upskilling opportunities aimed towards reducing emissions, further opportunities for using this grant as well as the registration process can be found here

SEAI grant: 

The second scheme is offered by SEAI. The scheme offers SMEs a €2,000 voucher towards the cost of a high-quality energy audit which in most cases, will cover the total cost of the audit. 

The eligibility requires are as follows, with further information on this scheme available here

Businesses applying to the scheme must be: 

  • Non-obligated entities 
  • Tax compliant 
  • Registered in the Republic of Ireland 
  • Spend at least €10,000 on energy (exclusive of transport energy costs) per year at the site being audited 
  • There is a limit of 1 audit voucher per Applicant/Company 

If you have any questions regarding energy grants and scheme, please contact the Public Affairs team at

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