Noesis: Delivering Practical IT Solutions for Irish Businesses

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14 March 2024


Noesis – The IT Company Delivering Practical IT Solutions for Irish Businesses

Founded in 1994 in Portugal, Noesis is an international company offering IT services and solutions to businesses across four continents. With an established presence in Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Brazil, and the United States, Noesis has recently expanded into the UAE, a momentous milestone, coinciding with the company’s 30th anniversary.

Noesis benefits of a strong global network, with access to over 3,200 talents, resources, and know-how as part of the Altia Group. The company’s broad range of skills and expertise make it a trusted technology partner to businesses across the globe. Its comprehensive integrated solutions allow it to see the bigger picture and offer clients the support they need to grow, enabling them to focus on what’s important to them, while making their digital ambitions a reality.

Showcasing its expertise in AI business solutions, in January, Noesis held a full house breakfast briefing in partnership with the Dublin Chamber on the hot topic of Generative AI. The event, which covered GenAI business scenarios and solutions, had a good reception and engagement from the attendees, who showed great interest in the topic.

At the event, Joao Martins, Data Analytics & AI Manager from Noesis, discussed practical examples where GenAI adoption can be swiftly implemented. Joao presented case studies across various business areas for our clients. One case study was applicable to Human Resources, where a chatbot has been created to assist new employees with surveys on benefits, vacation scheduling, and important information not commonly found in rarely accessed SharePoints. In the Legal sector, Joao discussed how GenAI supports information research on past legal cases, expediting the creation of new documentation and automating responses to compliance questionnaires. A more human-centric approach has been developed for Customer Service Chatbots, eliminating the need for predefined scripts. This allows for quick identification of the next best action, based on the evolving conversational flow between the customer and the company.

These examples showcase swift and practical instances of GenAI implementation that help create value for businesses, by reducing customer response time and streamlining tasks within the organisation. Importantly, this framework is designed to complement human roles, freeing them to focus on value creation.


New horizons for Noesis

As part of the company’s global growth strategy, Noesis has recently announced its expansion into the United Arab Emirates, a strategic hub for technology and innovation. Seeing a need in the region, and based on its solid experience in delivering projects across a range of sectors, the UAE move represents an exciting strategic development in the company’s international journey.

Noesis' great asset is the breadth of its service portfolio, ranging from areas such as Cloud, Cybersecurity, Software development, Low-code, Software Testing, DevOps, Automation, not forgetting services in areas that are currently in focus, such as Advanced Analytics or Artificial Intelligence. This ability to intervene in different areas, combined with strong expertise in the leading technologies in each of them, allows us to be a highly capable partner in supporting the transformation and modernization challenges of our clients.

In Ireland, Noesis continues to grow and is preparing an announcement regarding its plans in the Irish market. “For Noesis, Ireland is an ideal location, due to its strategic position and strong business relations with the US, the UK, as well as representing a gateway to Europe. The skill level in Ireland was also another decision factor that drove us to further expand in the market. In Noesis expansion to the UAE, we see Noesis Ireland playing a significant role in supporting the businesses overseas.” said Conor Michael Bartley, Business Development Manager Noesis.

To explore AI opportunities further or discuss your IT needs over a non-commitment consultation, get in touch with Conor at We look forward to helping you explore what AI can do for your business. Find out more at




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