Eurostat Reveals Ireland's Renewable Energy Share Trails EU Average

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07 March 2024

Eurostat Reveals Ireland's Renewable Energy Share Trails EU Average 

Eurostat's latest data offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of renewable energy adoption across Europe. In 2022, Ireland demonstrated significant progress, with 36.8% of its electricity deriving from renewable sources, showcasing a noteworthy increase from 19.8% in 2012. Despite this achievement, Ireland fell slightly short of its 2020 figure of 39%, suggesting potential areas for further growth and optimization in its sustainable energy practices. This highlights the nation's ongoing commitment to reducing carbon emissions and embracing cleaner energy alternatives. 

Comparatively, the European Union saw an increase in renewable energy utilization, with an average of 41.2% of electricity sourced from renewables in 2022, up from 37.4% in 2020. Notably, Sweden stood out with an impressive 83.3% share, predominantly sourced from hydro and wind power. Denmark followed closely at 77.2%, largely driven by wind energy. 

On the other hand, some EU member states reported lower proportions of renewable energy in their electricity mix. Malta registered the lowest share at 10.1%, followed by Hungary, Czechia, and Luxembourg with 15.3%, 15.5%, and 15.9%, respectively. These figures underscore the diverse energy landscapes across Europe and highlight both progress and challenges in transitioning towards sustainable energy systems.  

For more information about Eurostat’s findings, visit the website here.

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