EU LIFE Programme Grants Over €35 Million

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07 March 2024

EU LIFE Programme Grants Over €35 Million to Two Irish Environmental Projects

The European Commission has announced a significant investment of over €233 million in twelve new Strategic Projects under the LIFE programme, supporting the EU's environmental and climate ambitions outlined in the European Green Deal. 

Two of these projects are based in Ireland, demonstrating the country’s dedication to environmental sustainability.  

The first, MPA-LIFE-IRELAND, will receive over €15 million in EU funding and aims to designate 30% of Ireland's marine territories as Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) by 2030. This initiative is crucial for preserving marine biodiversity and ecosystem health. 

The second project, LIFE SNAP Ireland, is allocated over €20 million in EU funding and targets barriers to implementing Ireland's Natura 2000 priority action fund. By addressing these obstacles, the project aims to enhance conservation efforts and protect Ireland's natural habitats and species. 

Both projects are coordinated by the Department of Housing, Local Government, and Heritage, highlighting collaborative efforts between government agencies and the European Commission to promote environmental stewardship and combat climate change. 

For more information about these projects, visit the website:  

  • LIFE Strategic Nature Project for Ireland here
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