SSE Airtricity: Steps to a Sustainable Future

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06 March 2024

There have arguably never been more reasons for businesses to increase energy efficiency and look to renewable generation. As well as the potential to reduce bills and increase certainty, new drivers like global sustainability reporting are emerging to ensure our commitment to a sustainable future. These include the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), set to come into force for large EU-based companies, and far-reaching Green Public Procurement criteria that Irish public sector buyers are required to introduce this year. These buying organisations will, in turn, require the SMEs supplying them to increasingly report on and set targets to reduce carbon emissions.

SSE Airtricity work with companies to support and offer guidance on how your business can operate more energy efficiently, regardless of where you are on your sustainability journey.

An energy audit is a great place to start, and a €2,000 Energy Audit Voucher from SEAI is currently available for eligible SMEs, supporting an in-depth audit by approved energy auditors. An SSE Airtricity audit will provide your business with a detailed suite of actionable projects to reduce site energy consumption, identify the potential for producing renewable energy onsite, and estimate the cost, savings, and simple payback for these measures.

Consider onsite renewables generation, Solar PV is a technology that has truly come of age and businesses can avail of a tiered Non-Domestic Microgen Grant of up to €162,600. SSE Airtricity also offer a Funded Solar Solution, in partnership with Activ8 Solar Energies, for companies with a useable roof space of at least 500m2. To complement any on-site generation, a heat pump installation could be a big step towards decarbonising your business, delivering a portion of your heating demands from the electricity produced by solar PV, and moving away from fossil fuel heating systems.

A Corporate Power Purchase Agreement could enable your company to demonstrate enhanced green credentials, by linking your electricity use directly with the output from an Irish wind farm. It will also give you a fixed electricity price for years to come.

Businesses participating in a Demand Side Response programme receive a financial reward for reducing electricity use at times when the grid is coming under pressure. By shifting electricity use to off-peak periods, these companies are also helping network operators avoid switching on additional fossil fuel-powered stations and allowing wind energy to contribute more.

Electrifying your light-vehicle fleet could offer your business financial savings, enhanced branding and a reduced carbon footprint. SSE Airtricity has a range of EV charger solutions and packages, and all our EV charger infrastructure can facilitate dynamic load management, avoiding the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

Sustainable business practices will differ for each of us, but the shared reality is that we all have a role to play in ensuring a gleaner, green future for Ireland.

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