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27 February 2024

Future Horizons: Pioneering Tech Events and Professional Training

In response to the prevailing issue where attendees of tech and professional industry events often leave with mere glimpses of insight, Future Horizons is set to host an unprecedented event featuring Sir Alex Younger, the former longest-serving head of MI6. The event, scheduled for March 15th at the prestigious Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, will shed light on the exponentially growing cyber threat and its pervasive impact on society.

Sir Alex Younger will illuminate how the cyber threat transcends boundaries, affecting not only government entities and large corporations but also small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), charities, educators, and private individuals. At this breakfast meeting, he will stress the personal and collective responsibility each entity holds in fortifying cybersecurity protocols.

"Real insights often get lost amidst the overwhelming influx of information at events," says Aaron O'Grady Founder of Future Horizons, "and professional training can sometimes lag behind technological advancements, rendering it ineffective or irrelevant for certain industries."

Future Horizons, an events and professional training company dedicated to enhancing tech understanding across professional services, aims to address these challenges head-on. Their mission is to advise, inform, and present viable options to professionals while empowering them with tailored information for informed decision-making.

"In an era where time is of the essence and technology evolves rapidly, professionals are inundated with choices and advancements," adds Aaron O'Grady. "Our goal is to bridge this gap by delivering world-class thought leadership, discussing industry regulations, and showcasing cutting-edge tech developments, all while fostering invaluable networking opportunities."

The event will not only provide a platform for networking with industry experts but also offer recorded sessions for post-event access, allowing attendees to revisit key insights and ideas at their convenience.

Sir Alex Younger's session will delve into the latest trends in the cyber threat landscape, emphasizing the rise of sophisticated attacks driven by advanced technologies and AI. Additionally, the discussion will touch upon the implications of the NIS2 directive and the imperative of public-private partnerships in bolstering cybersecurity efforts.

Joining Sir Alex Younger will be esteemed panelists including Dr. Richard Browne from the National Security Cyber Centre, Senator Mary Seery Kearney, legal specialists Melissa Ventrone, Paul McCarthy, global physical security architect, Rod Cowan, cybersecurity moderator and journalist, along with contributions from IBM and Vigitrust.

"With Sir Alex's extensive experience in navigating the evolving intelligence landscape, attendees can expect unparalleled insights into cybersecurity and the challenges posed by misinformation," concludes Aaron O’Grady.

For more information and registration details, visit here.

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