2024 AIB Mentoring Access Initiative for Women in SME

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15 February 2024

Introducing the 2024 AIB Mentoring Access Initiative for Women in SME

In association with the IMI and 30% Club

In keeping with the value of putting customers first at AIB and the proud tradition of supporting women business owners, AIB are delighted to launch the second AIB Mentoring Access Initiative for Women in SMEs. In doing so, the aim is to reach diverse women in SMEs across Ireland, recognise their talent and potential, and help them to develop as leaders and grow their businesses.

The initiative will form part of the IMI/30% Club cross-company mentoring programme, which has a proven track record of empowering women business leaders over many years. Participants will be provided with a mentoring partner for a high quality 12-month programme of support, networking and learning opportunities.

How it works

Applications are sought from women SME leaders who may not have had an opportunity like this up to now, in particular women from a diverse background (e.g., disability, ethnic minority, socio-economic environment, etc.). Applicants must demonstrate a genuine interest in achieving success through personal development and growing their business. As AIB is sponsoring access to the IMI/30% Club programme under this initiative, there are no fees to be paid by successful applicants. Women leaders interested in applying can do so by completing the application form and returning it to their point of contact in AIB.   

Benefits for participants

Participation in the programme will enable women SME leaders to:

  • discover areas for personal development.
  • identify opportunities to improve and grow the businesses.
  • build a network of contacts in other companies and sectors.
  • benefit from the experience, insights and support of a mentor.

Download the application form here.

Important: The role of the mentor is to support and guide their mentee through the IMI programme.  Mentors will not be matched with mentees they have a personal relationship with or a relationship with the mentee’s business entity, and cannot engage in day-to-day management of the AIB customer relationship with the mentee.  When informed of their proposed mentor, mentees must declare to the best of their knowledge whether they know the proposed mentor from AIB.  Mentees should be aware that mentors cannot be involved in influencing or making business decisions on behalf of the mentee’s company or provide input to the company. In addition, mentors cannot offer financial advice or other advice akin to shadow directorship of the mentee’s business or be involved in any transactions related to the customer or business entity. If you have any questions about this, please contact your relationship manager.

Applications will be reviewed by at least two people based on the criteria specified in the application form.  The reviewers’ decision in respect of all matters to do with the initiative will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.  Selected mentees may be asked to take part in promotional activity related to participation in the initiative on AIB's reasonable request.  No monetary alternative to selection as a mentee will be offered, and selection as a mentee cannot be transferred to another individual or business.  AIB reserves the right to suspend or cease participation in the initiative at any time.

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