Skills-Based Hiring: A Step-by-Step Guide for HR Teams

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08 February 2024

Skills-Based Hiring: A Step-by-Step Guide for HR Teams

Rent a Recruiter are offering a free masterclass on Skills-Based Hiring: A Step-by-Step Guide for HR Teams,' this is a fantastic opportunity for Dublin Chamber members to gain valuable insights from the forefront of HR innovation.

We're honoured to host:

Together, these esteemed speakers will guide you through the nuances of skills-based hiring, offering strategies to harness its benefits and revolutionise your approach to recruitment.

Why This Webinar Matters:

Skills-based hiring stands out as a transformative approach that prioritises the capabilities and potential of candidates over traditional credentials. This method not only widens the talent pool but also aligns with the growing emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

What members will learn:

  • Foundational Knowledge: Understand the principles of skills-based hiring and its significance in the current job market.
  • Implementation Strategies: Receive step-by-step guidance on incorporating this approach into your existing HR practices to enhance efficiency and inclusivity.
  • Expert Insights: Hear from leaders in the field, including Terri Moloney, Dr. Na Fu, and Johnny Campbell, who bring a wealth of experience in organisational development, HR management, and building learning cultures.
  • Practical Takeaways: Equip your team with actionable tools and techniques to attract, evaluate, and retain top talent effectively.

This webinar represents a unique opportunity to directly engage with experts and like-minded professionals, gaining insights that are not only theoretical but grounded in real-world success stories.

Webinar Details:

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