Futureproofing Ireland’s Tech Talent Pipeline

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08 February 2024

Futureproofing Ireland’s Tech Talent Pipeline 

FIT (Fastrack into Information Technology), in partnership with GCS Recruitment, launches the inaugural Tech Ascent -Tech Apprenticeship Expo 2024, on the 7th of March 2024 in Croke Park, Dublin.

FIT’s first immersive and innovative Tech Ascent Apprenticeship Expo, will be a creative, collaborate space, embracing Ireland’s leading technology industry champions with future tech sector talent. The Expo will welcome 1,400 tech enthusiasts, graduates, tech inspired learners and apprentices, each with a primary interest in technology and representatives from an array of successful technology focused companies, with an interest in talent acquisition, through an innovative forum, exploring existing & future tech employment opportunities in the Irish and global technology sector.

Visitors will be able to participate in an interactive tech arena, featuring emerging technologies including AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotic cars, AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality) machinery and much more.  Central to the Tech Ascent Expo, will be live Q & A sessions, featuring keynote addresses by a panel of tech industry leaders', apprenticeship employers and apprentices, promoting, inspiring, and fuelling ambition to enter further education and careers in technology, amongst a new generation.

A key focus of the Tech Ascent Expo will be FIT’s Tech Apprenticeship Programme. FIT is the national co-ordinator of QQI Level 6 Tech Apprenticeship Programmes in Software Development, Computer Networking and Cybersecurity. FIT’s Apprenticeship Programme joins over 200 tech related courses, delivered by FIT, to learners across Ireland. To date, 48,500 individuals have completed FIT training and further education, providing industry led skillsets in areas such as Advanced Manufacturing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, White Goods & Consumer Electronics. 35,000 of FIT’s learners have continued into secure employment in technology and related sectors. FIT’s education, training, and employment programme is the centrifugal force driving the organisation’s Mission Statement - to promote an inclusive and sustainable smart economy ensuring access to in-demand tech skills for quality employment and shared prosperity, maximising opportunity through technology and making technology work for all.

The Tech Ascent Expo is an exciting partnership between FIT, primely positioned as conduit between education and the Irish tech sector and GCS Recruitment, a key agency and leader in recruitment. Through the Tech Ascent Expo, FIT and GCS Recruitment will create a community and conversation between an extensive portfolio of professionals and employers with young & old, adult learners, tech inspired students, career changers, up-skillers, tech enthusiasts, existing and former FIT tech apprentices, enthused and motivated to be considered as future tech talent.

Tech Expo Exhibitor Information:

FIT and GCS Recruitment are delighted to offer companies the opportunity to become involved in the Tech Ascent Expo. Benefits to your company include:

  • Promotion- build your company's brand awareness.  
  • Networking – join the community and the conversation, gain insight and collaborate
  • Access to tech talent– identify and onboard talent through at grass roots level
  • Building relationships - Meet with Tech Apprentices and other Tech Apprentice employers, prospectively building capacities of your workforce, as a means of investing in future talent, bringing a unique perspective, focus and delivery to your business

Event Information:

  • Attendees: 1,400
  • Exhibitor Guide: provided to all Exhibitors upon registration, including a Barcode Scanner
  • Time: Invited guests can attend either Morning or Afternoon session (please refer to Registration Link below)
  • Participant Cost: No Cost to attend


To find out more about becoming an exhibitor please feel free to email

To register as an attendee please click and choose which session suits, morning, or afternoon:

Registration link here.

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