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08 February 2024

FIT have in 2023 supported more than 100 employers who have employed 200 Tech apprentices across three Tech Apprenticeship programs in Software Development, Cybersecurity and Computer Networking. The full syllabus documents are available here.

Their talent pool is currently made up of more than 300 Tech apprenticeship candidates with various levels of knowledge and skills, gone are the days when an apprentice was an individual with no previous knowledge or skills. The tech apprenticeship candidates in their CV pool boast a variety of skills including level 7 and 8 qualifications in IT. FIT provide full screening and eligibility of each candidate who apply to the programs.

Employers have the luxury of selecting tech apprentices based on their organisation’s needs.

The tech apprenticeship wage is currently at €312 per week, which allows employers from organisations of all sizes to participate in the tech apprenticeship programs, thereby gaining access to tech talent and supporting tech apprentices as well as gaining committed and hardworking employees who are fully supported by FIT- Fastrack to IT as the national co-ordinators of the tech apprenticeship programs.

In 2022 and 2023 in the midst of difficulties in the tech sector up to 90% of their employers retained their tech apprentices, citing them as being invaluable members of their team.

The tech apprenticeship programs are national programs which provide state funded training at QQI level 6 to all tech apprentices.

If any of the fellow Dublin Chamber members have any specific IT support requirements, it may be worth joining the 250+ registered tech employers who have employed over 790 tech apprentices since 2018.

The team in FIT would be delighted to discuss the opportunities within Tech apprenticeships at or

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