140,000 Dublin Commuters Need Better Public Transport from Budget 2024

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By Chamber Press Office, 27 September 2023

A press release speaking to the need of increased capital investment in areas such as housing as well as transport infrastructure was covered widely by various news and media outlets. A significant feature of this release was the number of external commuters coming from outside Dublin to work before returning to residences outside the traditional county of Dublin was 140,000. Dublin Chamber highlighted the significance of this number and what it means for funding in Dublin’s commuter belt. Since the release this figure has increased to 170,000 making it more poignant that increased transport infrastructure is appropriately funded in Budget 2024.

The press release can be found on the Chamber website here.

Covered by:

  •  Irish Times available here
  •  FM104  - here
  •  The Independent - here;
  • and The Business Plus here.
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