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08 September 2023

UNICEF‘s Champion for Children is a network of Irish businesses that believe every child, no matter their background, deserves a bright future.  
Whatever your size, your business can play an important role in helping UNICEF support children to survive, thrive, and realise their potential. 
Children across the world are living through unpredictable times. As they look into their futures, many see their lives and wellbeing increasingly under threat from conflict, climate change, and economic insecurity. 
Champion for Children supports UNICEF’s Core Resources for Results. This is funding that is used flexibly for children wherever and whenever the need is greatest. With this support, we can pioneer new ideas for children; work across the entire childhood from birth through adolescence; scale up proven solutions globally; prepare and respond rapidly in emergencies and rebuild thereafter. 

Better ESG, brighter futures for children  
Children are everyone’s business – for UNICEF sustainability and responsible business strategies, like ESG, are incomplete if children’s considerations are not at their heart. 

"As a business owner, I support UNICEF’s mission to reach every child wherever and whenever the need is greatest. Every child has the right to survive, thrive and fulfil their potential. Children around the world continue to need our urgent support at this critical time. By becoming a Champion for Children, you can have an impact on the lives of children in greatest need." 
- Fergal O'Connor, CEO/Owner of Buymedia
Membership Offerings: 
As a Champion for Children member, UNICEF will provide you with the material you need to show your community you’re giving back. This includes: 

  • The official UNICEF Champion for Children branding and materials (logo, certificate, copy, images) to showcase your company’s efforts in creating positive change for children worldwide. 
  • Updates on how your donation is saving lives and supporting families and communities. 
  • Confidence that your investment is supporting a globally recognised organisation that has scale to make a real difference to the lives of children. 

Click here to make your business a force for good today and join UNICEF Champion for Children. 
If you are a business and would like to become a Champion for Children contact Áine McKeown at  


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