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07 September 2023

10% Discount on Employee Workstation Video Assessments with Spectrum Ergonomics

Did you know, employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees while at work, both in the office and remotely, and are legally obligated to comply with national and international workplace standards, and legislation including HSE, DSE and ISO 27001 guidelines? Avail of Spectrum Ergonomics10% discount on DSE/VDU Workstation Ergonomics Video Assessments for Dublin Chamber members today and ensure that your employees are working safely and pain-free.

The importance of an employee’s workstation ergonomics cannot be overstated in the modern world, where corporate workers spend the majority of their days sitting down at either a laptop or a computer screen, and where issues relating to posture and pain are on the rise.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders are currently the number one cause of workplace absence*, and are only made worse by a non-compliant workstation set up. In addition to this, approximately 7 million workdays in Ireland are lost due to MSK related issues – that’s three sick days for EVERY employee in Ireland. This costs the Irish economy around €750 million a year in lost productivity!

Ergonomics, the science of designing someone’s environment and equipment to fit safely and optimally to their unique body, remains paramount to ensuring both the safety and productivity of in-office, remote and hybrid work settings. To avoid the impact of MSK and other pain related absences on your company, and to maximise the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce, ensuring that every one of your employees has completed a compliant VDU/DSE workstation assessment is the first step. From there, risks can be addressed and mitigated, patterns can be identified, and, in turn, the benefits to your employees and your company can be felt.

Spectrum Ergonomics provide a fully compliant and comprehensive ergonomics solution for your company’s workstation needs, for in-office, remote and hybrid working. Spectrum Ergonomics workstation assessment services are designed and delivered by their expert team of physiotherapists and physical therapists, and also include a self-assessment risk questionnaire, specialist assessments for high risk cases, and an easy-to-use, customised reporting and analytics dashboard for the company to gather insights and manage their employees’ ergonomics data.

Spectrum Ergonomics are now offering a 10% discount on DSE/VDU Workstation Ergonomics Video Assessments for all Dublin Chamber of Commerce members. To avail of this offer, or to find out more about Spectrum Ergonomics’ services, contact them directly at 01 518 0493 or email You can also visit their website here.

Start your journey to a pain-free workplace today!

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