Powering Purpose and Meaningful Leadership in Tomorrow's Leaders

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07 September 2023

Powering purpose and meaningful leadership in Tomorrow's Leaders:

Introducing the Mantra Strategy Leadership Institute

Leadership is about so much more than steering the ship – it's about charting a course through complex waters, fostering a culture of purpose, and leaving a lasting impact on both the organisation, people and communities, and the world at large. So says Mantra Strategy as they recently launched the Mantra Strategy Leadership Institute. Focused on nurturing emerging and senior leaders, fostering inclusivity, and driving strategic growth across organisations, with bespoke leadership competency-based learning, it offers both flexible and structured leadership development offerings, along with several standalone courses and masterclasses.

The contemporary business environment demands leaders who possess the acumen, and practical approaches to leadership, and Mantra’s leadership institute is anchored in a profound understanding of human dynamics and a visionary outlook. The Mantra Strategy Leadership Institute is designed by game-changers and impact leaders to help leaders to understand and espouse purpose, values, inclusivity and impact.  It equips leaders with the skills to shape robust strategies and cultivate human-centred cultures that radiate purpose and deliver high-performance teams and results. It helps give people the tools, and language to lead diverse teams.

With rising attrition across several industries, investing in emerging leaders is a strategic imperative. Forward-thinking organisations recognise that these leaders are the driving force behind future growth and innovation. Modules include practitioner-led delivery and industry and subject matter experts, delivered in a modern, down to earth, and accessible way.

Offering a mix of in-company programs and mixed group leadership programmes, Mantra is aiming to help align vision, proposition and strategy development with self-leadership, style, and empathy.  Specialised modules like emotional culture mapping help prepare emerging leaders to lead with empathy and inclusive intelligence. Senior leadership offerings delve into strategic positioning and the art of designing high-impact CSR initiatives that resonate with the organisation's values and the global community to help leaders create employer brands that live up to their brand promise.

Leadership profiling, mentoring and coaching are all offered as part of the programmes, to help foster connections that extend beyond the learning environment.

Speaking about the Mantra Strategy Leadership Institute, Lisa-Nicole Dunne, MD encouraged businesses to prioritise leadership development in their 2024 budgets. “This is a vital investment that yields profound returns. By demonstrating how companies value their staff, and emerging leaders, and supporting them to develop skills to thrive in an ever-changing world, they are building a pipeline future leadership, and enabling growth and longevity.  It also emanates company values”.  Several Dublin Chamber businesses were in attendance at the launch including CEO Mary Rose Burke.

Mantra Strategy and Leadership Institute clients include Payzone, Ecocem, Pieta, AsIAm, WorkEqual, Flogas, Rethink Ireland, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Aontas, SVP, UCD and Irish Deaf Society to name a few.  They have built a reputation for working with some of Ireland’s largest purpose-driven organisations.

To learn more today get in touch with Mantra Strategy: click here.

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