Webinar: Inclusive Recruitment Process for Neurodiverse Candidates

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07 September 2023

Webinar: How to Create an Inclusive Recruitment Process for Neurodiverse Candidates (2023/2024)

Great Minds Don’t Always Think Alike:

This webinar covers the process of implementing neurodiversity practices, with actionable steps and inspiring examples of how businesses can effectively broaden their talent pools, create inclusive recruitment processes, improve team diversity and drive business growth.

The webinar will cover:

  • Understanding Neurodiversity
  • Benefits of Neurodiversity in the Workplace
  • Steps to Creating an Inclusive Recruitment Process
  • Recruitment Supports and Hiring Strategies


We are joined by Christabelle Feeney, DEIB and Change Management Specialist, Noreen Murphy L&D, Coach, Operations Manager at Specialisterne Ireland CLG and Niah McGill EDI Lead at IDA Ireland.

Global Statistics:

  • Worldwide prevalence: 15% to 20% of the population is considered to be neurodiverse
  • Work performance: studies found that neurodiverse teams are 30% more productive than neurotypical ones and made fewer errors.
  • Employment: neurodiverse people are more likely to be unemployed than people with any other disability. Unemployment for neurodivergent adults runs at least as high as 30-40% which is three times the rate for people with disability, and eight times the rate for people without disabilities.

This Webinar will take place on: September 21st at 11am

Can't make it on the day? No Problem! Click on the 'Register Now' Button and a recording will be forwarded to you to watch on-demand.

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