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By Chamber Press Office, 27 July 2023

As a leading children's charity in Ireland, Make-A-Wish Ireland has been granting wishes to children in Ireland who are living with life-threatening medical conditions since 1992. As part of our commitment to the future well-being of our planet, Make-A-Wish have worked diligently with PwC to design a comprehensive Sustainability Charter, which outlines specific goals and initiatives for the next five years. Part of these goals is the creation of a forest.

The Make-A-Wish Forest:

Make-A-Wish are excited to introduce the Make-A-Wish Woodland, a living testament to the incredible children and families they serve. Recently planted, and located in Richardstown, Co. Louth, this enchanting forest comprises 8,000 majestic Oak trees, symbolizing the strength and resilience of past and present wish children and their families. The Make-A-Wish Woodland stands as an enduring testament to hope, strength, and resilience while making a significant impact in combating climate change.

The Environmental Impact:

The Make-A-Wish Woodland acts as a vital buffer against climate change, playing a crucial role in purifying the air, preventing erosion, and enriching and conserving the soil in which they grow. By selecting Oak trees, known as keystone species, that support entire ecosystems, they ensure longevity, with these magnificent trees living for hundreds of years – a testament to the brave children Make-A-Wish assist every day.

Our Partnership with VEON Ltd:

VEON Ltd, a specialist company dedicated to forestry, ecology, and the environment, is playing a pivotal role in the success of the Make-A-Wish Woodland. Engaged by Make-A-Wish Ireland, VEON is responsible for sourcing, purchasing, planting, and managing the 8,000 Oak trees. Their expertise and commitment are key to the success and impact of this extraordinary initiative. VEON’s ecology team will also undertake an Ecological baseline survey to ensure that improvements to biodiversity can be efficiently monitored over the coming years, a survey we would be happy to share with our sponsorship partners.

Press Opportunity and Official Opening:

We are excited to announce that the official opening of the Make-A-Wish Woodland will be a prominent press opportunity. Make-A-Wish Ireland and PR consultant, Harte Media, will work to gain extensive media coverage, showcasing the profound environmental impact of this endeavour. The Sponsor would have prominent recognition during the opening ceremony, with your logo displayed on a small plaque unveiled during the event. Headlines for a media release could read:

"Sponsor name joins Make-A-Wish in Greening the Future: Sponsor name sponsors Ireland's Enchanting Make-A-Wish Forest"

"Making Dreams Blossom: Sponsor Teams Up with Make-A-Wish to Create a Living Forest for Children and Climate"

"A Forest of Wishes: Sponsor Pledges Exclusive Sponsorship for Make-A-Wish Ireland's Visionary Environmental Initiative"


Exclusive Sponsorship Benefits:

As the exclusive sponsor of the Make-A-Wish Forest, a sponsor will enjoy a range of benefits, including:

1.     Brand Visibility: Prominent logo display on the unveiling plaque during the opening ceremony and media coverage of the event.

2.     PR Opportunities: Exclusive interviews and media exposure during the press event, highlighting sponsors commitment to environmental sustainability.

3.     Social Media Exposure: Extensive promotion across Make-A-Wish Ireland's social media channels, reaching a wide and engaged audience.

4.     CSR Recognition: Showcasing the sponsor’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

5.     Invitations: Special invitations to limited yearly visits to the Make-A-Wish Forest for Sponsor representatives.


Join Us in Making a Lasting Impact:

Make-A-Wish Ireland would be delighted to collaborate with a key sponsor in this transformative project. Together, we can inspire, hope and support seriously ill children, and leave an enduring legacy for generations to come.

If you are interested in discussing this exclusive sponsorship opportunity further, please contact Susan McQuaid O’Dwyer, Chief Executive at Make-A-Wish at

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