Budget 2024 Tax Strategy Group Papers

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27 July 2023

This month saw the Budget 2024 Tax Strategy Group papers released. The Tax Strategy Group is a coming together of senior civil servants from the Department of Finance, the Department of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform, other line departments and political advisors, and is Chaired by a senior official from the Department of Finance. It is the aim of this group to prepare, in advance of the Budget each year a set of papers of their opinions on measures that may be considered in the budgetary process. These papers are divided along departmental lines and include such policy measures as KEEP, EIIS, Capital Gains’ Tax and Employers’ PRSI. While these papers merely give a range of options to policy makers, they are a good barometer on what issues are being discussed in Government in advance of Budget 2024 in October.

These papers can be read here.

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