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27 July 2023

Earlier this week, the Department of Finance released it’s the Economic Insights for Summer 2023. The report spanned three different topics, labour demand and the outlook for Ireland’s ICT sector, De-globalisation, and developments in dormant planning permissions. The analysis of dormant planning permissions highlighted the high concentration of dormant residential sites in Dublin.

  • Of 100,000 units, approximately 50,000 were in Dublin with an additional 27,000 in Leinster excluding Dublin.
  • Of these sites sitting in dormancy, over 90% are apartments.
  • This year, 75 sites that could be considered ‘actionable’ in the short-term and have permission to build 23,526 units with an average density of 175 units per hectare but remain dormant.

Dublin Chamber continues to advocate for increased levels of housing development in order to make accommodation more affordable and bring more people back into the city. Bridging the viability gap remains a key issue with high inflation in the construction sector hindering new build.

The full analysis of dormant residential sites in Dublin can be read within the report available here.

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