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18 July 2023

Open Doors Initiative Annual Report: Empowering Marginalised People through Corporate Engagement 

The Open Doors Initiative (ODI) is delighted to release its annual report, showcasing the profound impact made by corporate members and the organisation in uplifting marginalised individuals. Since its establishment in 2018, ODI and its member companies have successfully supported over 74,000 marginalised individuals in accessing employment, further education, and entrepreneurship opportunities. 

Key Highlights from the 2022 Annual Report: 

  • 16,714 Skilled Individuals: Participants completed interventions led by member companies, enhancing their employment prospects through the development of market-relevant skills.
  •  626 Secured Full-Time Employment: Participants successfully completed interventions that significantly improved their employment prospects, resulting in secure full-time positions. 
  • 75 Businesses Supported: ODI provided support to 75 businesses, fostering entrepreneurship within marginalised communities, with 12 new businesses established in 2022. 
  • 361 Learning Interventions Delivered: ODI and member companies delivered numerous learning interventions, equipping participants with essential skills and knowledge. 
  • 62 Paid Internships: Participants secured valuable paid internships in participant companies, gaining practical experience and expanding their professional networks.  
  • €370,125 Invested in Programmes: Member companies allocated funds toward NGO programme funding, training materials, and stipends, supporting vital programmes and participation. 
  • 5,184 Barriers Removed: ODI and member companies worked diligently to eliminate participant barriers, including; monetary, language, physical, and virtual accessibility challenges. 
  • 786 Mentored Individuals: Participants received valuable mentorship from corporate professionals, fostering personal and professional growth. 
  • 45 Progressed to Further Education and Training: Individuals advanced to higher education and training programmes, enhancing their skill sets and expanding their career opportunities. 
  • 245 Employment Schemes: Participants transitioned to other employment schemes through the programmes and initiatives offered by member companies. 

ODI remains committed to capturing valuable feedback from participant companies and highlighting their exceptional work. They anticipate even more remarkable results next year as their interventions continue to grow with the active participation of their members and ODI itself. 

Paddy Hayes, Chair of ODI and CEO of ESB, commented; "Our member companies understand the power of a strong, values-based, and inclusive culture. They embrace diversity of thought, skillsets, and experience, recognising that people are the driving force behind success. By hiring individuals who bring unique perspectives, these organisations reflect the diversity of their customers and society." 

Jeanne McDonagh, CEO of ODI, added; "We applaud the companies committed to corporate social justice, understanding that this long-term approach requires a deep commitment and awareness of the social context. At the Open Doors Initiative, we strive to imbue corporate social justice into all our work, and we sincerely thank our corporate members and supporting partners for their dedication to improving the lives of our valued participants." 

Member companies of Open Doors Initiative are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and resources to marginalised groups through various channels. Each participating company offers a range of employability interventions in Ireland and abroad, with a focus on establishing and maintaining high-quality pathways to work. These companies strictly adhere to the rules set by Open Doors Initiative, ensuring that all employees recruited through its’ initiatives receive fair wages and opportunities for growth within the company. 

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