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12 July 2023

We are happy to announce that the training package will be ready soon. One of the key outcomes, Project Result 2, is a training package that aims to provide education and training in the area of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sustainability, and enable professionals from cross-sector SMEs to develop better sustainable practices.

This comprehensive training package is designed to address three main needs, including the need to upskill in the field of ESG and sustainability, the need to coordinate and further develop collaboration and peer learning in implementing sustainable actions, and the need to build resilience and competitiveness amongst EU SMEs through sustainable business models.

The training package will consist of two parts. The first part, R2.1, will provide guidelines and practical training pills on sustainable business practices, including theoretical concepts, summary of main standards and certification systems, different circular business models, innovation with sustainability, financing sustainable business, and recovery and resilience. These materials will be hosted on an online training platform, optimising existing resources and providing easy access to a large audience of SMEs.

The second part, R2.2, will provide guidelines for collaboration and peer learning, including a Cluster dimension. This will serve as a place where people can meet, exchange, and link with other EU programmes supporting SMEs, such as the Enterprise Europe Network and SME support services. Through this service, SMEs will be able to build new connections, review their supply chain, and develop better inclusive and integral fully sustainable plans to be applied internally and externally.

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