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15 June 2023

2023 marks the 15th birthday of the Enterprise Europe Network. We in Dublin Chamber as members of the network are celebrating this milestone, with our global network of partners along with some of the 4.2 million small businesses that have been helped to innovate and grow internationally. 

Who has the Network been helping?

Small and medium companies with the ambition to innovate and grow their business in the European Single Market and beyond can benefit from the support of the over 450 Network partner organisations. These are embedded in local business structures and connected across the globe. The Network offers a combination of learning opportunities, tailored advice, and support to find the best partnerships. This includes how companies can access the sources of finance they need to grow, how they can innovate, how they can navigate rules in the EU Single Market and third countries and how they can find commercial partners. The Network’s advisers’ trusted advice and practical help has been supporting start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs from vast array of sectors: from agriculture to artificial intelligence, textile to aerospace, maritime to creative industries.

The Network’s unique combination of local knowledge and global reach has meant that thousands of companies have been able to access international markets and grow their businesses further and faster.

Why turn to the Network?

As a result of our support, more than half a million companies have benefitted from personalised one-to one business advice that has helped them enhance their international potential.

Every single day, more than 500 companies receive specialised guidance and training sessions.

In recent years, the Network has expanded its services to help companies make the transition to greater environmental and social sustainability, improve their resilience to shocks and achieve digital transformation.

And last year, the Network provided special support to EU and Ukrainian companies affected by the Russian invasion and developed guidance to help companies navigate the energy crisis. Companies across Europe and beyond are turning to the Network as a reliable partner with a proven track record in helping companies achieve their international ambitions. Will you be the next one?

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