O’Sullivan Accountancy Boosts Client and Employee Satisfaction

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By Chamber Press Office, 25 May 2023

O’Sullivan Accountancy Boosts Client and Employee Satisfaction with HCS Cloud Services

  • New solution allows O’Sullivan Accountancy to offer a faster service to its customers
  • Cloud system has enhanced employee productivity, leading to quicker project turnaround times and greater client satisfaction
  • System has proven to be cost-effective, with lower operating costs and a quick payback period

HCS, a leading business IT, security and telecoms company, today announces that it has transformed Kildare and Westmeath based O’Sullivan Accountancy’s IT and telephony by transitioning it away from in-office servers and phone system to a cloud-based service. This move means that O’Sullivan Accountancy can seamlessly access all client data and information from any location, ensuring faster client services, and increased security and business resilience to help empower their business growth.

Founded in 1993, O’Sullivan Accountancy provides a full financial service to clients, including bookkeeping, payroll, taxation, forensic accounting as well as company set-up and buying and selling of businesses. They cater to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies, and service a wide variety of sectors. The company has grown strongly in recent years and has ambitious plans to further expand.

To achieve growth objectives in a compliant, user-friendly and cost-effective way, O’Sullivan Accountancy wanted to upgrade their cumbersome office-based server system to a flexible and ultra secure cloud-based solution. They also wanted a modern voice over internet (VOIP) system to replace their dated and limited analogue phone system. HCS designed and implemented a highly secure solution based on technology such as Microsoft Cloud PC and Microsoft Azure, to migrate O’Sullivan Accountancy’s entire technology operations and software to the cloud.

O’Sullivan Accountancy’s greater output capacity has allowed the company to expand its client base. By investing in cloud-based solutions, the company has found a cost-effective solution that does not require additional spend on software, people or server replacement. As a result, the company has reduced operating expenses and the system is predicted to pay for itself within a year. 

TJ O’Sullivan, Managing Director, O’Sullivan Accountancy, said: “The implementation of a cloud-based system with multiple layers of security has revolutionised our service, enabling faster and more secure access to client data from any location. The solution boosts efficiency and speeds up business and service processes. This increased efficiency applies to all functions, allowing employees to work from the office or remotely. The result is an increase in output per person and quicker client project turnaround times, which ultimately leads to greater client satisfaction.

“We are delighted with the Microsoft Cloud PC virtual desktop which moves all the computing work to the cloud, and ensures a secure, portable and affordable solution that is ideal for hybrid workers. It significantly reduces maintenance costs and makes our computing a plug-and-play experience for users. We are also delighted with the positive impact it has had on our all-important energy consumption.”

“HCS has been a vital partner in our digital transformation journey, ensuring the security of our operations and customer data. The transition was seamless and any issues we’ve encountered have been promptly and efficiently dealt with to our complete satisfaction. We’re delighted with their exceptional service and support and look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Gary Frehill, Head of Cloud Solutions, HCS said: The O’Sullivan Accountancy team had a great vision. They understood that they could build a significant competitive and client service edge by migrating to an innovative all-cloud service. In doing so, they have transformed themselves into one of the most cutting-edge, productive, secure and scalable accounting practices in Ireland. We are thrilled to see the results and hear that their clients are very happy with the increased speed and flexibility of the service provision, and their employees are delighted with their increased work-life balance.

“The security and energy efficiency of this cloud solution is breathtaking. Microsoft has invested €1 billion in the security of its cloud, with customer data monitored by 3,500 security experts who watch eight trillion threat signals each day. The sustainability is equally impressive, and the impact of O’Sullivan Accounting moving to the Microsoft Cloud will see their carbon efficiency improve by up to 98%.”

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Photo Caption: Pictured at the announcement of the cloud services deal between HCS and O’Sullivan Accounting are (L-R) TJ O’Sullivan, Managing Director, O’Sullivan Accountancy and Gary Frehill, Head of Cloud Solutions, HCS. (photos approved for use by media - Eric Molimard Photography, 0873223329)

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