Dublin Design Agency Offers Comprehensive Brand Experience Audits

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By Chamber Press Office, 20 April 2023

Dublin Design Agency Offers Comprehensive Brand Experience Audits to Help Businesses Stand Out

As businesses strive to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace – one where customer loyalty is paramount to the success of any brand, having a solid brand impact is more important than ever. One local design agency, TapCreative, is helping businesses achieve just that by offering a comprehensive brand experience audit service. 

The agency, which specialises in brand experience strategy and design has developed a unique approach to auditing a brand's customer experience. The process analyses and evaluates a brand's current state across all the touchpoints where your customer or employee interacts with your brand. It identifies areas that need improvement, by auditing the digital and visual brand and the digital and physical experience. By conducting a brand audit, a brand can get an objective perspective on how it is perceived by its audience, identifying any gaps in the brand experience.

"Designing the right brand experience is crucial to building emotional connections with your audience and, in turn, loyalty. For instance, customers who feel emotionally connected with a brand are likelier to stick around, becoming repeat customers and brand advocates. Further enhancing the brand's reputation and reach", according to Gemma Ni Maoltuile, Director of Client Development at TapCreative.

"Traditionally, the focus for organisations is customer experience first, but our Brand Experience Audit Tool (BEAT) is holistic, auditing everything, including your employee experience", adds Gemma. The agency's team of experts in brand strategy, brand communications, design and digital work closely with clients bringing them on an exciting and insightful journey that unearths areas that need to be enhanced to create a more cohesive and memorable brand experience. 

One recent project highlighting the effectiveness of TapCreative's brand experience audit is the rebrand of Dublin-based IT giant Nostra. The process began with a brand experience audit that was instrumental in defining the brand DNA, leading to the evolution of the old brand making it more relevant; a reinvigoration of the website, fleet livery and also their workplace. Kevin O’Loughlin, CEO of Nostra, shares the impact of the process on his business and brand. 


Portfolio Expansion

"As a result of the audit, we decided to expand our portfolio; we've acquired several companies offering services we didn't provide previously and added them in. That entire journey was really insightful. We often refer to the findings in customer surveys, new customer presentations and even when going out to win new business," says Kevin.

Communicating Better 

"Externally, we became much better at communicating across the wide range of services we do. When we did the brand analysis, many customers gave us feedback that we do things they didn't know we did, so it became a real awareness point for us. It's for your staff, it's for yourself, and it's for your customers and all stakeholders involved in the business". 

Winning Customers 

"When we meet a new customer, our conversion rate has gone above 90%, although I would link that to several pieces" "Now we have a brand that represents a very professional organisation, and we also have the backup data to be able to give them the stats to understand our skills" highlights Kevin.

Internal Impact

"When I originally looked at the brand, I would have never considered the internal impact of the brand. It was always external; within our office, it wasn't consistent. For me, the internal piece has been a game changer. It definitely impacts staff retention and allows us to build new offices without overthinking it." adds Kevin.

"Internally it was massive. People felt they were part of a successful organisation, and speaking to your internal teams and people is essential. We've invested in the brand, which means we care about it. I love it when I meet people outside of business hours who are wearing Nostra-branded jackets and carrying water bottles. Meeting them at a football match, I love it! It means they're proud of it, and it means something to them." 


TapCreative works with organisations across different industries, including hospitality, retail, and service. Their unique brand experience audit is a powerful tool for businesses seeking to transform their brand impact. 

For more information on TapCreative and their brand experience audit, visit their website here.

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